20 Dec 2011

Day-Trippers New Fashion Accessory

A day-tripper is a person who visits a tourist destination or visitor attraction from his/her home and returns home on the same day.

Dual Scarf At The Manchester Derby
This seasons must have fashion accessory for the Old Trafford day-trippers, is an item I find disgusting and utterly offencive. The new must have item to go with other stand out day-tripper wear, like the Megastore bag, official Manchester United tracksuit or official shirt, and long lens camera, ladies and gentleman, I present to you ..............The Dual Football Scarf.

For anybody who is unsure what a Dual Football Scarf is, let me explain, a Dual Football Scarf Is a scarf that is half one football team, complete with team crest, and half another team with team crest.

Dual Scarves have been around for a long time on the continent, and I can fully understand why a supporter travelling away on a Champions League trip would purchase, let's say for arguments sake, a Dual Scarf which is half Manchester United and half Bayern Munich. The scarf would be a nice keeps sake, a souvenir, something to remind you of your journey and the game. I would have no problem wearing a scarf that was half United, half Bayern Munich as they are not a local rival.

So imagine when to my amazement,  I stumbled across a group of United day-trippers at Old Trafford this year for the Manchester Derby, who were all wearing Dual United/City scarves. At first glance I thought it was a United fan with a Manchester City scarf on, so you can imagine my confusion. This was until I noticed that when he turned around the other half of his scarf had the United colours and club crest on it.

I was that angered and embarrassed by them, that I took the photograph for this article with my Iphone so that I could show it to other United supporters and get their views on it (see picture above). I was absolutely staggered that somebody would buy a Dual United/City scarf, it just goes to show that the people purchasing these scarfs do not have a clue about rivalry. A high majority of supporters will understand football rivalry, it's common knowledge that if you decided to go and watch a Barcelona v Real Madrid game at the Nou Camp, you would probably avoid buying a dual scarf and wearing it in the home end.

Personally, I would never wear a scarf that had the club crest of a Premier League rival on it. You could not imagine your hardcore Mancunian United supporter, who follows his team home and away, turning up at Anfield with a Dual United/Liverpool scarf could you? Which tells a story in itself. The people that are purchasing these scarfs are people who are attending Old Trafford for the first time, or using Old Trafford as a tourist attraction, a day out. They see the Dual Scarf as a souvenir to bring home with them, they obviously have no idea or clue about United's history, or rivalry with certain clubs, otherwise they would not buy them.

Dual-Scarves are a sign of how football has changed so dramatically over the years. You definitely could not imagine a Dual Scarf knocking about in the 60s, 70s or 80s. These were days when supporters of football club's were mostly local people who were attached, and supported their club because of where they come from. Being a successful team means that people from all over the world will be drawn to you like a magnet.

I have no problem with this, it's what makes Manchester United's global brand and support so strong compared to others. I just wish that people claiming to support United would do their homework before coming to Old Trafford, and embarrassing us Mancunian's in the process by wearing Dual Scarves that have rival teams crests visible on them.