14 Oct 2011

The Mancunian Bird Sit's Proudly On It's Perch

Saturday see's Liverpool take on Manchester United at Anfield in a match that has a bitter intense rivalry stretching back years, but I think that this is now a bigger game for Liverpool supporters than it is for Man Utd's followers.

As it stands the Liverpool liver bird lie's on it's back at the bottom of the bird cage amongst the paper cuttings looking enviously up towards the mancunian bird who sits proudly with it's chest stuck out after knocking it's Liverpudlian rival off it's perch.

I am basing my theory that it is a bigger game for Liverpool on the fact that like many supporters for the first time I have one eye on next weeks fixture against our Manchester rivals City. I have always considered Liverpool to be the stand out fixture due to both teams consistent domestic and European triumphs but I see the game next Sunday at Old Trafford as a bigger attraction than a trip to Anfield to play a team who will struggle to achieve a champions league place this season.

Its a clear sign that the times are changing and that Liverpool no longer offer a genuine threat to Man Utd's domestic dominance in the English league. Looking long term it will be Man City who will be the main threat, something I am sure many Liverpool fans will disagree with me on but they need to face up to the reality that they are no longer a "top four" club.

Utd will walk into Anfield tomorrow with nothing to fear knowing that they have overtaken Liverpool's eighteen titles, something Liverpool supporters find hard to accept but the kop will be in full voice reminding Utd that they have won five European cups.

The last few seasons at Anfield Utd have not turned up in this fixture. I accept that Liverpool were better, hungrier and wanted the result more, but it shows that this fixture in a sense is their cup final and means everything to them.

The hatred and bad blood between the two teams will be clearly evident in this gladiator like battle at Anfield. Utd unlike Liverpool have a bigger rival to look forward to playing next weekend, the Manchester derby can now become a proper city rivalry.