13 Mar 2012

Rooney Considering Man City Move Is Unforgivable

In October 2010 Wayne Rooney stunned Manchester United and it's supporters by officially handing in a written transfer request. Within a few days Rooney made a spectacular U-turn on his decision to leave Old Trafford and signed a new contract with the reds that put speculation regarding his future to bed.

Just over a year ago since that transfer request and I find myself asking United supporters, have you forgiven and forgotten about what Wayne Rooney was actually preparing to do when he tried to engineer a move away from the club and swap the red of Manchester United for the Blue of Manchester City?

His transfer request rocked the foundations that Manchester United was built upon, more so because we all know the team that he was preparing to join. Look at it this way, it would be like your wife or partner sitting you down and telling you that she is leaving you for your noisy next door neighbour who has recently won the lottery.

This is the neighbour that you have never really seen eye to eye with, but your other half is ready to throw everything away that she has with you to be with him, because she thinks the grass is greener on the other side. Then a couple of days later she tells you she wants to stay with you. Would you ever look at her or trust her the same as you did before?

Any United supporter who believes that Rooney was not considering a move to the blue half of Manchester is deluded and clearly trying to distance themselves from entertaining the thought. A deal was in place with his agent to take him to Manchester City which would have made him the worlds highest paid player.

Many supporters and manager Sir Alex Ferguson pointed the finger at Rooney's agent Paul Stretford for his sudden bombshell request to leave United, but lets not forget that it takes two to tango. Rooney carefully choose his parting words in a statement that was read out to the worlds media which indicated his reasons for wanting to leave arguably the worlds biggest football club.

As Rooney's statement was read out, Sir Alex Ferguson must have felt like a son of his was piercing a dagger through his heart. Rooney stated that his reasons for leaving were that the squad at the time was not strong enough to be challenging for honours, which was basically questioning the managers squad of players that he had assembled. After the comments he made at the time, I never imagined I would see Rooney pull on the red shirt again and represent the club.

Many will say that a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and that everybody deserves a second chance. The thing that worries me about Rooney is that this could easily be a situation that occurs again in the not so distant future if he decides to climb up onto his high horse again.

Rooney was quick to walk away from Everton who he claims to be his "boyhood team". He once even revealed a t-shirt with the slogan "once a blue always a blue" when celebrating a goal while playing for them. I know since that move the Everton supporters have given him stick, but Rooney has responded to his fellow Evertonian's by kissing the United badge in front of them. Its something I have never quite fully understood about Rooney.

If I left the club I was brought up and supported all my life, I would not disrespect that club by kissing another club crest when playing against them. I know football is a fickle and the majority of the people who support football clubs are, but if Rooney had of made the switch to Manchester City, I guarantee he would have responded to the taunts from furious United supporters by doing the same thing, kissing the badge.

I know quite a few people who support United, but not Wayne Rooney because of the way he disrespected the club, the manager and the supporters. I know that still to this day they find it difficult to chant and sing his name on the terraces, like me they think that Rooney even considering a switch to Manchester City is unforgivable.

Rooney remains the talismanic figure at Old Trafford that he was the day he stunned United with his request to leave the club. It still remains though, that some supporters including myself have not forgiven him or forgotten what he was trying to instigate in October 2010.