3 Jul 2012

Some Bloggers Need To Climb Down Off Their High Horse

It's easy to do and does not cost anything to set up, everybody probably knows somebody who has set up a blog on the Internet. Blog's can be about any subject, the majority that I come across on twitter are by football supporters.

It's only recently that I have discovered that some people seem to think that setting up a blog about the team they support, gives them some kind of status and sense of importance.

Some Manchester United bloggers suddenly believe they are actually working for that football club and have inside information on the club they follow, they are so far up on their high horse that there views become distorted and I actually believe that some of them think they have a chance of being the next manager of the club they support.

Most worrying to me is the fact that some of these so called bloggers are quick to climb above their high horse where they are content to look down and challenge other supporters about their views and opinions.

Being a blogger gives you no divine right to think you are better than anybody else. It should also not make you think that you support and care for the team you support more than any other supporter.

Football is all about opinions and it's what makes the sport so interesting, we have so many things to discuss and not everybody agrees with your point of view all the time.

Certain bloggers seem to think that their opinions are unquestionable or unchallengeable and this is where the problem arises.

I have no problem with anybody making a point, if I don't agree I will simply argue the point, but some bloggers seem to think that questioning their options is offencive and will go as far as blocking you on twitter or deleting your comments from their blog?

I run my own blog and I can say 100% that any criticism of what I write is looked on as constructive criticism, I would never dismiss some body's point of view without fully hearing that person out first, if I didn't agree I would not condemn that person for their views.

I am sure to some football supporters this will sound familiar, only recently I was blocked on twitter by two, shall we say "top reds" on twitter, my crime was to question and debate the points of view they were expressing, seems petty to block me considering I was not abusive in any way and never would be when discussing football sensibly.

I am not taring all bloggers with the same brush, the majority that I follow are run by people who I communicate with through twitter and are polite and willing to listen to your point of view, but it seems that there are some who need to climb down off their high horse and realise that not everbody will agree with the points you make, we all have our own opinions that should be respected.