9 Oct 2012

FA Should Punish Suárez For Shameful Dive

As the dust settles on another weekend of Premier League action, it seems the most talked about incident was the embarrassing and shameful dive that Liverpool player Luis Suárez performed to try and win his side a penalty kick against Stoke at Anfield.

Tom Daley would have been proud of the Uruguay internationals technique if he had of been breaking the water surface of an Olympic pool rather than hitting the grass surface at the Kop End of the stadium

Diving has been one of the main talking points in the English game recently, the influx of foreign footballers have contributed to it largely as it seems to be a more common in European football, its worrying because it seems that there is now a generation of British based players who will simulate contact, or go down far too easily from minimal contact.

There are 3 players that will spring to most football supporters minds when you mention the word diving, Luis Suárez, Gareth Bale and Ashley Young, they have all been guilty of simulation at some stage over the last few Premier League seasons, they should hang their heads in shame because diving is trying to gain an advantage through cheating, they are trying to con the referee.

Luis Suárez is the main culprit when it comes to diving, and it is now a case of the boy who cried wolf because his reputation as a diving cheat is going before him, this was evident recently when Liverpool played Manchester United and Suárez should have been awarded a penalty after he was brought down in the area by Jonny Evans, it was a clear penalty but the referee who was maybe a little unsure about the call decided to wave play on after perhaps taking in to consideration the player who had gone down under the challenge.

What Suárez did at Anfield against Stoke was hilarious, frustrating and annoying, the Football Association should have stepped in by now and charged Suárez  for his pathetic actions, this is a player who has previous when it comes to diving, they should make an example of him if they are serious about helping to eradicate it from our game.

Stoke manager Tony Pulis was angered by the incident involving Suárez saying:
“Retrospective decisions are made on a Monday and Luis Suárez should be punished. The one in the penalty box was an embarrassment and how he wasn’t booked I don’t know”.

The FA have come under justifiable criticism recently after their overall handling, verdict and the punishment they handed John Terry for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand, if they wanted to assert their authority and claim back a minute piece of respect from football supporters and people within the game then they should have come down on Suárez like a ton of bricks and handed him a ban and a hefty fine.

The Uruguayan was not carded by match official Lee Mason for the incident so the FA could and should have stepped in by now to condemn his actions and prove to English football that they are serious about combating cheating in the game.

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