5 Aug 2013

Success On The Field, Breeds Arrogance Off It

The start of the much anticipated 2013/14 Barclay's Premier League campaign is fast approaching, and it's been an eye opener as far as negativity and arrogance are concerned when it comes to discussing new Manchester United manager David Moyes and the clubs transfer activity, or shall we say lack of it.

Social media has intensified and fuelled transfer rumours, it seems that some people simply can't get enough of it, it makes it very difficult to identify what is true and what is simply fabricated to help the sale of newspapers from our local convenience store.

This season, is the beginning of a new era at Old Trafford following Sir Alex Ferguson's decision to bring down the curtain on his astonishingly successful 26 year spell at the club. Supporters always knew that this day would come, when it did, and David Moyes was installed as his successor, some were a little underwhelmed by his appointment, these supporters simply don't understand Manchester United's values, the tradition, the history, David Moyes is the man who Sir Alex himself, decided would succeed him, who are we as supporters to question that?

The sceptics were out in full force, "David Moyes?", "Why didn't we go for Jose Mourinho instead?". The appointment of David Moyes is typical of a club like Manchester United, they are looking at the bigger picture, looking at the long term project, there will be no quick fix, no Mourinho circus arriving and pitching up at Old Trafford for a few years to enhance the so called "Special Ones" CV and ego, Moyes will also carry on the tradition of promoting youth from within the club, something Mourinho has never really seemed to be interested in.

Another big change at the club this summer, was also the announcement that Chief Executive David Gill would also be stepping down from his post after 10 years with the club, his replacement was Ed Woodward, a man who has been missing since the 17th of July when he returned from Manchester United's per season tour in Australia to take care of "urgent transfer business".

The new regime at Old Trafford, has seen United making transfer activity public, announcing bids for players, something that never happened in the Ferguson era. Chasing high profile players was always kept on the quite until recently, some sceptics believe it is being used as an advertisement to sell the remaining season tickets at United, I don't believe that for one minute, I actually think its quite refreshing to know what players the club are chasing and are showing an interested in. So what if the deal doesn't happen? Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

This has been highlighted by United's well publicised pursuit of Barcelona player Cesc Fabregas, with 2 bids already batted back into the Old Trafford court, the media believe United are considering playing a forehand final offer back to the Catalan giants, but why? Most supporters have already come to the conclusion that Fabregas doesn't want to come to United, they don't see the point in the club getting another knock back, they fear the rejection, fear that supporters of other clubs will gain a laugh from it, so what? Rise above it, get over it, the club will move on.

Why would a club like Manchester United be bidding for Cesc Fabregas if they had not had some kind of encouragement from the Spaniards camp, that if a transfer fee could be agreed between the 2 clubs, then Fabregas would be willing to make the move to Manchester? Why also have we heard from every other player and manager on Fabregas' future, but we've heard nothing from the player himself?

It's the media who are hyping up transfer activity, top names will always be linked with Manchester United, it's annoying that supporters show such cringe worthy arrogance suggesting that its unthinkable that a player would turn down the chance of playing at Old Trafford on a regular basis, football has changed dramatically, money has played a huge part.

David Moyes has come in for some unfair criticism in the medial and on social networking sites, these are obviously the supporters who don't attend Old Trafford but seem to have the most ridiculous opinions. Last May for the Swansea match, Sir Alex Ferguson's last game at Old Trafford, Sir Alex passionately spoke into the PA system after the game and told the United faithful "Your job now, is to stand by your new manager", a huge cheer went up, I stood teary eyed in the Stretford End as I threw a fist into the air like most did, yet with only a few "friendly" games under his belt, Moyes is already being criticised?

If Ed Woodward can successfully navigate his way out of the Bermuda Triangle, I'm confident that a big name will arrive at United. Transfer activity is usually kick started by a player leaving, Wayne Rooney's departure could be the spark that gets the transfer fire burning. United would be stupid to let a star player leave without ensuring they have a replacement, that's what could be holding up the club announcing David Moyes' first signing as Manchester United manager.

Success on the field, breeds arrogance off it, maybe some Manchester United supporters have just simply been spoilt over the last 20 years, dont write off David Moyes before he has even managed a competitive game.