15 Jan 2014

Workers Fear Axe As "Popular Customer" Heads Abroad

Manchester Is Red was recently contacted by workers of a fast food chain (that we can't name for legal reasons) who are living in fear that they will lose their jobs very soon.

The fried chicken outlet are allegedly looking at making huge cut backs following the news that they are soon to lose a very popular customer who is responsible for a huge chunk of the company's massive annual profits.

Manchester Is Red spoke to workers of the Manchester based fast food chain, one source said: "We are really fearing the worse, this customer has kept our branch ticking over nicely, losing his custom is bound to hit the company very hard and we are all fearing the worst."

Another employee told us: "I'm scared, January is always a quite month, but losing this client will make things very hard for us to keep our jobs", he added: "our manager has pencilled in a staff meeting for tomorrow, my fear is that we will be told that we are being made redundant, so soon after Christmas".

Its not just the fried chicken store that are fearing the worst, over at a well known Brazilian restaurant in the city centre, a source told us they are "disappointed" to learn that their "best customer" was leaving Manchester and heading to Florence, she also said: "this will hit us hard, we've had to re-forecast our predicted turnover for 2014, and it makes for grim reading, I would be surprised if we were still actively operating as a business come March this year".

We also caught up with the branch manager of a bakery chain in Manchester, he was downbeat on hearing the news: "Its a real sucker punch, we are fully stocked up in anticipation of the Brazilian customer purchasing it, we are going to be stuck with stock we can't sell, we will lose out big time".

On a positive note, owners of fast food chains and restaurants in Florence were said to be delighted on hearing the news that Fiorentina had agreed a loan deal with Manchester United for Anderson, "it will give the economy a huge boost in Florence" said the owner of a small fast food shop.

There was pandemonium and scenes of madness in the city centre just seconds after the Florence based football team announced that Anderson was on his was over, as locals began panic buying from fast foods chains in fear that supplies would plummet after his arrival, a spokesman for one of the company's said: "There is no need to panic, we have upped our order accordingly after a meeting with our Manchester based area manager".