26 Mar 2014

Giggs Could Succeed Clueless Moyes

Angry Supporter Confronts Moyes
A week ago, Manchester United overturned a 2-0 aggregate score against Olympiakos to progress to the last 8 of the Champions League. 

It was a result that papered over the cracks at Old Trafford, then Manchester City arrived at the Theatre Of Dreams and stripped off every layer of paper revealing the true extent of the reds' mounting problems.

Papering over cracks can make you feel good, it's pleasing on the naked eye, but we all know that it's a short term fix that will rear it's ugly head again at some stage.

Tuesday 25th of March 2014 was a harsh reality check for Manchester United and it's supporters. Back to back Premier League home defeats to bitterest rivals Liverpool and Manchester City by the same score of 3-0 has highlighted United's spectacular decline as the champions of England.

As the travelling Manchester City supporters triumphantly celebrated their win in the closing stages of this one sided game, Manchester United stewards rushed towards the pathetic 'Chosen One' banner to protect it from sabotage, it highlighted the growing consensus that supporters are now finally losing belief and patience with David Moyes and the direction the club is going in.

Moyes' post match excuses have become so predictable that they have become a source of entertainment between reds on social media platforms who try to guess in advance what excuse he will use, here are a few classics:

'We were unlucky'
'We didn't deserve that'
'We'll do our best to turn things around'
'It's going to take time'

Moyes' post match derby comments would've felt like a dagger piercing through the heart of any passionate red Mancunian who heard it, he said: "We've played a very good side and it's short of standard and level we need to try and aspire to get ourselves to at this moment in time".

When you dissect that quote, Moyes is claiming that Manchester United aspire to be like Manchester City, however true he feels this might actually be, he shouldn't be paying a rival team such a huge compliment, it's like he's admitted defeat in a power shift in the City of Manchester.

Comparisons between Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes will be made, and although I think it's unfair in some circumstances, you must admit that Sir Alex Ferguson would've never admitted that the blue half of Manchester had overtake United as the supreme force in the city, psychologically it's a huge boost for the blues.

Assessments by ex reds Paul Scholes and Gary Neville on Sky Sports really hit home United's problems, they were things we already knew, but it really struck a chord to hear it from two former players who graduated from the famous Class of '92, players who passionately support the team they once represented.

Once you lose the respect and belief of your playing staff, you're finished as a manager, there is no turning back from that point. It's a romantic pledge to claim that your manager will be given time to build because that is the history of your club, but modern day football has changed, time is money and you wonder at what stage the Glazers will step in, this is not a football club to them, it's a business, missing out on the Champions League will have huge financial implications. 

Like the Liverpool defeat, supporters stayed behind after the humiliation of the Manchester derby to sing, it's clear that this is not a display of support for the manager, it's for the team and to symbolise the clubs history and achievement. I'm yet to personally witness a 'Moyes Out' chant at Old Trafford, but if United continue to free fall you get the feeling it won't be long before certain sections of supporters turn and vent their anger via the method of chant.

David Moyes is not the future, but there is a player currently on his coaching staff who would instantly have the trust and respect of the players, simply because he's already earned it, he's set to become the first man to complete his UEFA Pro Licence during his playing days, don't bet against David Moyes leaving Manchester United by mutual consent and club legend Ryan Giggs stepping in as interim manger to help steady the ship.